Author Highlight: Christina Clark-Kazak and Forced Migration

Christina Clark-Kazak researches forced migration policy in Canada and globally. She has served as President of both the Canadian and international scholarly associations on refugees and forced migration and is past Editor-in-chief of Refuge: Canada’s Journal on Refugees. In the past year, she has commented in English and French language media on Ukrainian displacement, public opinion on migration, and refugee claimants crossing at Roxham Road and other points on the Canada-US border.


Pr. Christina Clark Kazak

Professor Christina Clark-Kazak

Christina Clark-Kazak in the Media 


Guest on Toronto Star Podcast, April 2023

Interviewed on As It Happens, CBC Radio, March 2023

Interviewed on CBC News - The National, March 2023

Guest on Canada Tonight - CBC, March 2023

Interviewed on Global News, December 2022

Interviewed on CTV News, April 2022

Interviewed on CTV news, April 2022


“Ride-along expert” on Cross-Country Check-up, CBC, February 2023


Op Ed in The Globe and Mail, April 2023

Quoted in The Globe and Mail, March 2023

Quoted in The Hill Times, February 2023 

Quoted in The Globe and Mail, February 2023

Quoted in Le Devoir, December 2022

Quoted in La PresseDecember 2022

Op Ed in The Conversation (with Yvonne Su), Canadians support accepting more newcomers but we need a more equitable, rights-based approach, July 2022; reprinted in The National Post, Toronto Star and other newspapers across Canada, July 2022

Quoted in Global News, April 2022

“Ask an Expert” interview with The Walrus, March 2022.

Op Ed in The Conversation – Child rights and family separation in Ukraine, March 2022

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