Author Highlight: Michael Kempa and the Ottawa Truck Convoy

Michael Kempa is a Canadian social scientist who is an expert on various fields such as community policing, justice, social politics and human rights. Over the past year, Dr. Kempa has focused on the convoy organized by truckers all around Canada in protest of the vaccine mandates. Various news sources in the media have had him on as an expert to give his view on the topic. We have gathered a compilation to give you a perspective on the subject by our expert. Scroll down to see our compilation.



Dr.Michael Kempa
Photo provided by “Ashley Fraser/Postmedia”



Michael Kempa in the Media 


Michael Kempa reporting live from Justin Trudeau's testimony

Watch as Dr.Kempa reports live on CTV News after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies act following the POEC.

The Public Commission on the protests is complete

Hear from Dr.Kempa as he gives his opinion on the public commission's final report regarding the freedom convoy.

What is the Freedom Convoy now?

Hear from various experts including Dr.Kempa as they update us on how the Freedom Convoy is struggling now, a year after their first protest.



Ask Me Anything: Emergencies Act inquiry with Michael Kempa

CBC Listen host Ian Hanomansing invites Dr. Kempa on his show Cross Country Check for an Ask Me Anyting session regarding the truck convoy and the invokement of the emergencies act.

CFRA Live – Criminology professor Michael Kempa evaluates Justice Rouleau’s final report

Dr.Kempa was featured as an expert on the CFRA live show where he analyzed Justice Rouleau's final report on the freedom convoy.



National Post: Using the Emergencies Act was necessary, if regrettable by Michael Kempa

On his opinion piece for the National Post Dr.Kempa shares his perspective on the usage of the emergencies act, it's legality and whether or not it was necessary for it to be invoked.

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