A vibrant call from a committed woman: Professor Cyndy Wylde publishes "Émergence insoumise".

The Faculty of Social Sciences celebrates the publication of Professor Cyndy Wylde's first essay, entitled Émergence insoumise : Réflexions sur la persistance du racisme systémique envers les femmes autochtones. The book is a powerful testament to the author's deep commitment to Aboriginal women.

Originally from the Pikogan community in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Professor Wylde, an Anicinape and Atikamekw woman, grew up in a large family, an environment that nurtured her Aboriginal identity. From an early age, she was confronted with the realities of racism and discrimination, forging her determination to fight for social justice. A seasoned expert on Aboriginal issues, she has over 25 years' experience with the Correctional Service of Canada and Aboriginal organizations.

Professor Wylde has held the position of political advisor to the Assembly of First Nations of Quebec-Labrador and worked as an expert for the Commission of Inquiry on Relations between Aboriginals and Non-Aboriginals. Following studies in criminology, drug addiction and mental health, she currently teaches at the School of Social Work in the Faculty of Social Sciences. Her unwavering commitment to aboriginal communities has also led her to work as a consultant on various issues affecting them.

Émergence insoumise is rooted in her personal experience of the injustices suffered by aboriginal women. Through her book, Professor Wylde shares not only her story, but also that of thousands of other aboriginal women who aspire to a better future.

"I should be imprisoned, disappeared or even murdered, but I'm still here... An insubordinate emergence!"

The book is a call for reflection, a plea for equality and justice. Professor Wylde appeals to a wide audience, inviting Quebecers and Aboriginals alike to consider the issues of systemic discrimination, violence and injustice facing Aboriginal women.

The Faculty of Social Sciences reaffirms its support for Professor Wylde's call for unity and solidarity to meet the challenges and build a more just and equitable future.

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