Public and International Affairs Research on the Covid-19 Pandemic



Patrick Fafard
Professor Fafard, who is also Associate Director of the
Global Strategy Lab, received funding from the Government of Canada that will enable his team to develop public health intervention strategies to mitigate the spread of infectious diseases in Canada and elsewhere.

Patrick Fafard receives funding from Canada to fight COVID-19

Communication about COVID-19 from Canadian provincial chief medical officers of health: a qualitative study

Public health and political science: challenges and opportunities for a productive partnership

Thomas Juneau

The COVID-19 pandemic and its implications for the Canadian national security and intelligence community

The role of Canada’s intelligence and national security community has been widely debated since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some describe its emergence as an intelligence failure or a failure of early warning. Others, however, note that the role of intelligence and national security in health matters is and should remain limited. It is also clear that traditional national security threats are evolving rapidly during the pandemic. There are concerns, in particular, about the rise of extremist violence as well as cyber-attacks and disinformation. Our project will study these urgent questions: should Canadian intelligence agencies engage in “health intelligence”? Do they have the tools and mandates to do so, without compromising the law and the privacy of Canadians? How are threats evolving, and what are the challenges in countering them in a pandemic?

Patrick Leblond

The CN-Paul M. Tellier Chair on Business and Public Policy, with the support of an advisory committee of experts from business, government and academia, is investigating how the governments of Canada, Ontario and Quebec interacted with the business community to manage the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath in Canada. Using media reports, interviews with business and government officials as well documentary evidence, the study seeks to assess the nature of business-government cooperation with respect to crisis management and prevention in Canada. To learn more visit their website.

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