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Geranda Notten works as a Full Professor in Comparative Public Policy at University of Ottawa’s Graduate School of Public and International Affairs. Her fields of interest include public policy, public administration, and economics. She has a strong interest in poverty and social policy, with her current research focusing on jurisdictions in Europe and North America. She studies the influence of poverty reduction policymaking on poverty and food insecurity. Her expertise in measuring poverty includes monetary and non-monetary indicators, including income poverty and material deprivation. Professor Notten holds a doctorate and master’s in economics from Maastricht University in the Netherlands.

Pr. Geranda Notten

Pr. Geranda Notten



Geranda Notten in the Media 


Notten, G., Are we measuring poverty correctly?, Taking Stock, BNN/Bloomberg (31 March 2023, 6.22pm)

Interview with Dr. Notten on Taking Stock on her work with Food Banks Canada on a Canadian material deprivation index and how the Gorcery Rebate will miss many poor Canadians.



Notten, G., Low income and material deprivation, QR77 Radio in Calgary (24 March 2022 at 7.10 MT)

In this interview, Dr. Notten explains why Albertan’s may not have the low poverty rates as suggested by income poverty statistics.



In the Globe and Mail’s “2024 in charts”, Prof. Geranda Notten predicts that 2022/3 food insecurity rates

In the Globe and Mail’s “2024 in charts”, Prof. Geranda Notten predicts that 2022/3 food insecurity rates, when released in 2024, will show that an increasing number of households had to make difficult choices due to strong rises in especially food and shelter prices. Because prices won’t go back down to where they were, purchasing power of many such households won’t catch up any time soon either.

Notten, G., An inflation-proof methodology to measuring policy effects on poverty, Oxford University Press Blog, 12 May 2023

Based on a recently published paper by Dr. Notten and Anne-Catherine Guio, this blog post showcases a new methodology for measuring the effect of policies on material deprivation.

Getting a fuller picture of poverty in Canada: why the government’s official poverty measure is insufficient, by Geranda Notten, The Conversation, 22 March 2023

This article discusses Notten's ongoing research with Food Banks Canada to develop an updated material deprivation index for Canada. Dr. Notten explains that such an index helps provide a fuller picture of poverty in Canada because it can account for a larger variety of living circumstances of families compared to measures of income poverty.


Notten, G., Low income and material deprivation, Social Policy Trends, School of Public Policy, University of Calgary (24 March 2022)

In this one-pager published by University of Calgary’s School of Public Policy, Dr. Notten compares income poverty and material deprivation for Canada and Alberta, with Albertan’s having the lowest income poverty rate in the country but experiencing average rates of material deprivation.


Notten, G., Où est le filet, by Manon Cornellier, Le Droit (14 March 2022)

In this interview for LeDroit Dr. Notten comments on the effects of increases in the cost of living, their effects on poverty and the role of social safety nets.


Notten, G. and J. Kaplan, “Material deprivation – Measuring poverty by counting necessities households cannot afford”, Canadian Public Policy, 47(1), 1-17, 2021

In this open-access article Dr. Notten uses unique data from a 2013 survey to measure material deprivation in Canada. This article was the runner up for the for the 2021 Vanderkamp Prize of Canadian Public Policy, Canada’s leading policy journal.


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Beyond income: The measurement, policy, and politics of poverty in Canada

In this keynote lecture Dr. Geranda Notten discusses material poverty from the perspective of income, food insecurity and material deprivation. These perspectives provides related, yet distinct insights on poverty in Canada. Drawing from her ongoing research, Dr. Notten shares evidence on long-term and current trends and discusses their use in poverty reduction policymaking and politics.


Material deprivation: An updated index for Canada

In this invited presentation Dr. Geranda Notten shares her ongoing research on an updated material deprivation index for Canada during the Food Security Symposium organized by the Maple Leaf Centre for Food Security. The research finds that one in four Canadians experienced a poverty level living standard in April/May 2023.


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