Author Highlight: Patrick Fafard in the Media


Patrick Fafard is Senior Investigator with the Global Strategy Lab, University of Ottawa/York University and a Full Professor at the University of Ottawa cross-appointed to the Faculties of Social Sciences and Medicine. His current research is focusses on public health policy and governance including a comparative study of public health leadership, and developing public health political science. Earlier in his career, he served in senior management positions with the Governments of Canada and Saskatchewan.

Patrick Fafard

Pr. Patrick Fafard



Patrick Fafard in the Media 


Patrick Fafard about the Canadian COVID-19 policy

In this interview, Dr. Patrick Fafard discusses the extent to which scientific knowledge influences Canadian COVID-19 policy.



Patrick Fafard about the credibility of public health discussions

In this radio interview with The Sam Leprade Show on ChityNews Ottawa, Patrick Fafard emphasizes the significance of openness and transparency in public health discussions.

Patrick Fafard commenting on the government reponse to the pandemic

Based on a recently published paper by Dr. Fafard and his research team, in this interview with The Sam Laprade show Patrick Fafard discusses the use and abuse of the term 'following the science' when talking about the government response to the pandemic.



Patrick Fafard about the AG's report

Dr. Fafard addresses concerns raised in the AG's report, PHAC modifies its global health surveillance system in response to the ongoing emergence of new COVID-19 variants.

Patrick Fafard discussing the power of medical officers

Interview with Patrick Fafard on where the extent of power held by medical officers of health is examined, including the dynamics when they have differing opinions on public health matters in Ontario.

Patrick Fafard explaining the role of the CMOH

Interview where Dr. Patrick Fafard explains that the role of Chief Medical Officers of Health (CMOH) is often exaggerated, with elected officials wrongly portraying them as decision-makers, while emphasizing the importance of political accountability and not allowing unelected officials to have the final say in public health measures.

Patrick Fafard about decision-making during the pandemic

Patrick Fafard highlights the complexity of pandemic decision-making as different provinces made varied choices regarding restrictions, revealing that the situation is far more intricate than simply following scientific advice.

Patrick Fafard comments the last-minute cancellation of the CMOH interview

Patrick Fafard comments on the controversy surrounding the Ontario government's initial offer of an interview with its Chief Medical Officer to the Star newspaper, which was later abruptly canceled.


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